Our services

DB Group provides human resource services with almost 20 years of experience in oil and gas, marine and shipbuilding, food and dairy and petrochemical.

Capacity problems? We provide the following services:


The most common service provision of our company is temporary personnel. As employment agency, aimed specifically on technical personnel, we comply with the conditions and requirements that are stated, such as the VCU certificate, the NEN 4400-1 and a membership with the NBBU.


Payrolling has increased a lot in the last few years DB Group employs the employees on paper and therefore also takes over the responsibilities and risks of the employer. Although DB Group is offering this service, this is not our main focus.


When using this intermediate form DB Group takes away the financial worries of the self-employed and also covers the WKA for the client. A perfect application of our knowledge and experience. Both self-employed as clients can request self-employment mediation.


Secondment is asked for key positions within an organisation, whereby DB Group has offered the right solution. Here the client goes for less flexibility in exchange for more security.


An option that can be used when the client wants to permanently fill in a position. DB Group will take care of the recruitment and the screening of the candidate and the client will pay a one-off fee.


Contracting work is the final possibility with which DB Group can solve capacity questions for clients. Standard production work can be performed in our workshop in Enter. This is also possible at the client’s location, whereby DB Group only provides the personnel or carries out the entire process, including materials and equipment.

DB Group is aimed at solutions for clients and offers employees flexibility. In any kind of way or form we deal with personnel questions. This applies to requests for individual positions but also for filling in complete shutdown teams of 50 men or more.

Are you interested in our service? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to help.