Technical craftsmen petrochemical


On behalf of petrochemical DB groups is specialised in the following disciplines:

Welders Fitters Mechanics
Electrode Welder 1st Fitters Flange Mechanic
MIG/MAG Welder 2nd Fitters Construction Mechanic
Combi Welder (TIG-Electro) Fitters Large Diameters Turn Around Mechanic
Combi Welder (TIG/MIG/MAG) Torque & Tensioning Fitter Maintenance Mechanic
OP Welder Thick-walled Fitter Service Mechanic Rotating
Fleeters Thin-walled Fitter Bundlers

Our welders are familiar with various material groups steel to FE 690, RVS 316, duplex and boiler steel types. Standard most of our clients within petrochemical ask for 6G welders. Our people are of course familiar with the various certifications such as flange mechanic, VCA, WFPr, WFPr-TT, etc. From experience we know that they often ask for specific experience with large diameters.


For the management of our craftsmen we provide the following supervisors / managers:

Foremen Contractors Supervisors
Mechanical Foreman Mechanical Contractor Mechanical Supervisor
Piping Foreman Construction Contractor Construction Supervisor
Construction Foreman Maintenance Contractor Maintenance Supervisor
Civil foreman Civil Contractor Civil Supervisor
Maintenance Foreman  Turn Around Contractor Turn Around Supervisor


In addition, we support our clients with the following petrochemical specialists / professionals:

QA/QC Planning Project Management
QA/QC – Welding practise Piping Planning Project Manager
QA/QC – Visual Inspection Mechanical Planning Project Engineers (WTB / E&I)
QA/QC – MLT E/I Planning Document Control
QA/QC – LPI WVB Maintenance Project Secretaries


Our clients in the petrochemical industry are:

Shell, BP, Kuwait, Q8, NAM, Sabic, Cofely, Stork, Visser & Smit Hanab, Spie.